Liz Haun

I began my dancing journey at a very young age.  You could always find me Dancing to the Music, that my Father would play at home, until I would just pass out by the speakers. If music was playing anywhere I was showing off my moves. My favorite activity as a child was making up dance routines with my friends. I begged relentlessly for dance lessons and after my parents couldn't stand it any more, they finally gave in. 
I studied Ballet, Pointe, Lyrical, Jazz and a little bit of Tap (for close to 10 years) at Julie's Danceworks in Burley, Idaho with Julie Turner.  While in school, I also joined West Minico Jr. High and Minico High School's Dance/Drill Teams. 
I went on to get a scholarship and become a member of the Blue Thunder Marching Bands Flag Corp. at Boise State University under the direction of Keith Stein in 1995. 
It was in Boise, in 1998, that I began studying the art of Oriental Dance otherwise known as "Belly Dance" from "Nejwah" of Boise and later from "Ozell" of Caldwell. I found a true love and freedom in this style of dance and continue to study it today, attending all the master workshops that I can.  I have studied with Caroleena Nerioccio, Rachel Brice, Mardi Love, Zoe Jakes, Unmata, Hadia, Sherri Wheatley, Sabeya, Oreet, Rachel George, Ruby Beh, Michelle Joyce, Thia, Sabine and many more.
I have also coached and choreographed for Drill and Dance Teams in Idaho.
I taught Dance Classes at TVCC from 2007-2012 in their Theatre and Continuing Education Department.  I also Choreographed 5 Musicals for TVCC under the direction of Katie Bennett (Once Upon A Mattress, 7 Brides for 7 Brothers, Cinderella, a 60's version of The Imaginary Invalid and the Fantasticks).
My dream of owning a Dance Academy came true in 2007 when I opened "Nyssa Artistic Dance Academy" in Nyssa, Oregon.  I started off by teaching 2 dance classes in a small building and now it has evolved immensely.  I am constantly in awe at how the studio continues to grow and blossom, with help from my Beloved Family, Supportive Friends, Top Notch Assistant Amy Mardock, the Amazing Community of Nyssa and the Treasure Valley..
I was also a Full Time Dance Teacher at Four Rivers Community School, a K-8th grade Charter School in Ontario, Oregon from 2011-2015. 
I am currently a Licensed Zumba B1, B2, Glutes & Zumba Kids Instructor, ZIN member since 2011. I am also AFAA Certified. 
What's next?  I am currently in training to teach Yoga & Tai-Chi.  I am hoping to begin classes in 2017.

Owner & Director
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Amy Mardock
I am happily Married to Jamie Mardock with 4 children (2 boys & 2 girls) and have lived in wonderful City of Nyssa for 10+ years.  I adore Children, Music & Dancing and love even more to share my passion with others.  I grew up along the Northern Oregon Coast and attended Dance Classes & Pageants as a Child.  My oldest Boys proudly attend Nyssa Elementary.  I am very proud to be part of the Community of Nyssa and love to watch it grow. I just recently became a Licensed Zumba, Zumba Gold & Zumba Kids Instructor. I am very excited to get the Gold going in Nyssa!!!

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